Celebrate 35 Years with APEX!

Fetish Prom, complete with professional photographer to take your prom photos and DJ to help us celebrate!

From 7pm-10pm, the main floor will be open for dancing! Rooms will be open from 8pm for play. After 10pm, we'll open up for a full dungeon party, complete with outside play space!

Dress in your best! Join us for fun, food and celebration. This is a party you DON'T want to miss!

Tickets for Prom are $15/person for All-Access and $25 for Standard (PPE) members if you want to attend between 7-10pm if you pre-purchase or $20 for All-Access and $30 for Standard (PPE) if you buy at the door. After 10, it's a regular dungeon party with regular fees for everyone. The door will be open until 11pm and after 11...use your key fob for entry.

Every Saturday night, our club is open and the dungeon floor is waiting! With two floors, unique equipment, and the space to express yourself, you are assured of an exciting night at the dungeon! Come to play or socialize with your friends and make new ones!

Don't forget to bring a share food, soda or water!