2015 Kink Karnival


Kink Karnival | November 14th, 2015 10am – 4pm

The Kink Karnival is an amazing collection of Vendors, Demonstrations, Performances, and fun! Learn more about the Arizona Power Exchange, The Valley’s Premier Source for BDSM education, social opportunities, and support. Learn about Lifestyle Organizations in our Valley, see demonstrations provided by our Members and Vendors, meet like-minded people, and see the largest collection of quality vendors assembled in Arizona.


How To Dress


We get a lot of email asking us how to dress for various things. We’re going to try to give you some answers to make you feel more comfortable when coming to APEX.

Let’s start by saying APEX does not have a dress code. There are sometimes theme parties that encourage dressing to the theme, but lots of people aren’t into that, don’t do it, and it is perfectly OK! You get to be who you want to be at APEX.

The short answer is that you will see EVERYTHING at APEX. You will see over the top amazing fetish wear to very, very casual. We know that sounds like we are capitulating, so we will break this down by the kind of event you may be curious about.

Weekday Evening Classes and Events

Often people come from work, so you will see folks in business casual to suit and tie. If people have time to go home and change they often show up very casual since in some cases they will be in a chair for a lot of their evening. Sometimes people do dress up in fetish wear for classes, you wouldn’t be out of place doing that.

Friday and Saturday Evenings

People are much more likely to ‘dress up’ for a party or social event on a weekend. It is their opportunity to wear what makes them feel great. Sometimes it is fetish wear, sometimes a particular fabric (leather, rubber, latex etc) or sometimes it is cocktail or formal attire. Where what makes you feel confident! There will always be people in the club in jeans and tshirts, or shorts and flip flips…even on at Saturday Night-it’s still Arizona!

Weekend Days

Our weekend day events tend to be VERY casual. If ever there was a time to break out with the flip flops, events like the BBQ are it!



Guest Policy


We are often asked why members can’t bring guests to the club. There are a few reasons, but let’s start with the guest policy.

Guest Passes

Guest Passes are purchased annually by All Access Members for $300.00, and gives you the ability to bring a guest to APEX events. The orientation requirement remains (24 hours prior to a play party), and some additional rules apply to guests:

  • Orientation

  • They must sign a waiver/release

  • They must bring photo ID EACH TIME they attend

  • They must come with and leave with the member

  • The member is responsible for their behavior.

When you put it like that it does sound pretty difficult. However, we talked to a lot of membership and thought about this REALLY hard before deciding. Here is the cliff notes version about some of our reasons:

1. APEX is a private membership club. It defies the spirit of who and what we are if strangers are wandering in and out of the club without a significant barrier to entry.

2. Annual All Access Members have a vested interest in keeping the space safe, following our rules, and preserving our culture. An Annual Member putting their membership on the line for a guest is a significant risk so they are going to be sure about who they are bringing.

3. With the $20.00 New Member Trial, people who want to “try out” the club can do so while still preserving who and what we are, and making sure they understand the rules and culture BEFORE they begin to attend without putting anyone else at risk for their behavior.

We hope that helps you understand why we do what we do, and we hope that you now see some wisdom in that choice. We value the club and every member in it, and we work hard at keeping everyone safe!


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