2018 APEX Summer Games!


The 7th Annual APEX Summer Games

The Annual APEX Summer Games and Wet-N-Messy Party. The thrill of competition and FUN! This year will include lots of new things, including concessions! There will be some fun fair-food to keep us fueled as we Go For The Gold!

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APEX 2018 Annual Summer Games
APEX Annual Wet-N-Messy Party
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The Games for 2018

Top Toy Champion
Now is the time for all the creative toy makers to shine! You’re trapped in the Dungeon without your toy bag! What shall you do? Why… you’ll open your box of mystery supplies and MAKE a toy of course. You will have 2 hours, and a box of random supplies to make this happen. You must use at least a part of everything in the box. Everyone will have access to a stack of staple supplies (duct tape, glue etc). At the end of 2 hours, you will present your toys to the audience. Toys will be judged on creativity, use of the supplies, functionality, durability, and presentation. The contestant who makes the best toy will be the reigning Top Champion for 2018!

Because of the supplies required, you must register for the contest by emailing SpecialEvents@ArizonaPowerExchange.org. There are a limited number of spots, and they always go quickly, so register EARLY!

Fetish Fashionistas
For those who are not toy makers we introduce the Fetish Fashionistas! In the spirit of the toy makers, you bring only yourself and you will have two hours to build a fun fetish outfit. You can put it on yourself or arrange for a model. You will have a mystery box that you MUST use, and a pantry of basic supplies to pull off this challenge! You or your model will walk the runway in your creation and compete for the Fetish Fashionista medal! The audience votes on their favorite outfit!

Because of the supplies required and limited space, you must register by emailing SpecialEvents@ArizonaPowerExchange.org. We expect this inaugural contest to be super popular, so register early!

J-Lube Wrestling
No medals are awarded, we wrestle just for fun!

Endurance Flogging!
We will provide you with a set of floggers and you will Florentine a target as long as you can! The person with the longest time WINS! This game will be available all day, so no need to register!

Singletail and Dragontail Marksman
Bring your singletail and/or dragontail to show off your skill. There will be an Expert and Novice Category

Creative Rope Contest
You have one hour to tie your best tie and the audience votes!

Wiggle Worm Contest
Our rigger ties, you escape. The best time wins!

Novelty Game
There will be a fun SURPRISE game as well this year, but we might just give you a hint as the event draws closer.

The Awards Ceremony will begin at 3:30pm. This will include the Fourth Annual “Summer Games Spirit Award” being given in the name of Sir John C. He was a huge fan of the summer games and embodied the spirit of competition and FUN! Being a good sport might just get you on the podium!

To participate in the Top Toy Champion or Fetish Fashionistas email SpecialEvents@ArizonaPowerExchange.org We will get you registered!

Complete List of 2018 Games:

• Top Toy Champion 2018
• Fetish Fashionista 2018
• Endurance Flogging 2018
• Singletail Marksman 2018
• Dragontail Marksman 2018
• Novice Singletail Marksman 2018
• Novice Dragontail Marksman 2018
• Creative Rope Contest 2018
• Wiggle Worm Contest 2018
• Sir John C Spirit of the Games 2018

Summer Games 10am-4pm
8:00PM Wet-N-Messy Party

Hot, cool, sticky, slippery, wet. We’re going to get wet and messy at APEX! The Orbeez pool will be back for everyone and we will have additional stations with fun and messy supplies.

Paint flogging, Wax play, liquid latex, sploshing…how will you get your wet and messy on? Bring out all those messy ideas… an outdoor area will be provided for the messiest play.

There will be regular Dungeon space for those who want a more traditional party, but a guaranteed good time and hot scenes of messy play will be available for your voyeuristic enjoyment.

APEX will be providing a Baked Potato Bar, but you are very welcome to bring something to share. A six-pack of soda would also be appreciated. As always, water will be provided.

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APEX 2018 Annual Summer Games
APEX Annual Wet-N-Messy Party
Summer Games on Facebook