Saturday, June 30th @ APEX: All About Feet


This Saturday brings us some very cool programming for those who are curious about foot fetishes, or those who have a foot fetish.

At 6:30PM APEX will host a Preparty Workshop on Foot Massage and Foot Worship with Ella. Ella  is a certified Reflexologist and graduate of The Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. Her classes are always full of information and always worth attending.

At 8:00PM APEX will have a hosted play space for everyone wanting to explore this kind of play.

For those who admire and appreciate the feet. APEX will provide some lotions and oils, and comfy furniture, but please feel free to bring anything you would like to use. Bringing your own towels is encouraged.

This is a great opportunity to share space with other members of a similar interest. As always, a coach will be available if you need one.

You can try this kind of play with the help of APEX supplies and a host, or just lend your experience to the evening by contributing your own scene.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this happen!