Volunteer Position Spotlight: Staffing Coordinator


The Staffing Coordinator is quality control for our Programming Offerings. Assuring that each event is staffed appropriately, and that nothing is missed.

Reporting to the Internal Operations Chair, The Staffing Coordinator is a successful APEX member who is willing to work within a team of people that are all working towards the successful execution of APEX events. The Staffing Coordinator will have a working knowledge of APEX programs, volunteers, and positions, in order to assure that the staffing needs of each program is met.

Specific duties include:

  • Assuring each coordinator (DM, Door, New Member Orientation team etc) have adequately staffed their areas.
  • Assuring that there is an opener/closer for each event.
  • Assuring that each opener/closer has the appropriate training.
  • Make sure each opener/closer is given access information on the day of their event.
  • General oversight on the volunteer calendar to make sure that we are covered and putting our best foot forward.
  • Eventually holding training on opening/closing our space as needed.

The Staffing Coordinator will participate in team meetings and team retreats and is happy to be a vital part of the Internal Support Committee.  The Staffing Coordinator is willing to develop an understanding of the APEX policies around programs and volunteers, and is willing to learn to use email, social media, and several internal platforms.  The Staffing Coordinator will also be willing to learn the features and functions of the club, so that they may best execute the Staffing Coordinator position.

In addition to your training manual, you will have as much on the job training as you need. We promise every volunteer that you will not be left on your own until YOU are comfortable, and this is just as true for the Staffing Coordinator. To start, you will work side-by-side with the existing Staffing Coordinator. Once you feel comfortable, you can take over responsibility of that position with support from your Internal Operations Team, and the Executive Committee.

The Staffing Coordinator should be:

  • A successful APEX Member
  • Comfortable using email
  • OK with various members of the club having your mobile phone # as this will be required
  • Available to be at APEX to train as necessary, and for meetings as necessary
  • Willing to interact with members
  • Willing to learn all the pieces to successfully staff and execute APEX Programs