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APEX Kink Karnival and Community Open House


The Kink Karnival is an amazing collection of Vendors,  Demonstrations and Performances, and fun! Learn more about the Arizona Power Exchange, The Valleys Premier Source for BDSM education, social opportunities, and support. Learn about Lifestyle Organizations in our Valley, see some over the top demonstrations and performances provided by our local community, meet like-minded people, and see the largest collection of quality vendors assembled in Arizona.

Tickets to the Kink Karnival are $15.00. All Access Members get into the party for free. Pay Per Event members can purchase presale tickest for both the KK & Party for $25.00 HERE

This event is intended for adults over 18 years old, and will have adult content that may be offensive. Please do not attend this event if you are offended by adult subjects, nudity, and adult language.

Want to know what’s happening?

Click through to the Kink Karnival website below for more information about:

If you are a member of APEX you can get a discount on the KK and Party for purchasing your tickets in advance! *You must be an APEX Member prior to the KK to attend the party.

All Access members get into the party for FREE!


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Why are our Porch Lights Purple?


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As purple is the symbolic color used to represent domestic violence, we are asking our Members to embrace the Purple Porch Project and help us light up the town this October!


1.Light up your own porch! Purple lights are available at all of the home improvement stores.

2.Donate goods. Domestic violence survivors who leave an abuser often have little more than the clothes on their backs. Donations of household goods, uniforms, toys and small appliances can make a big difference. APEX will have a donation spot at the party on October 22nd  to make this easy! Please see the list of needed items below.

3.Wear purple clothing on Thursday, Oct. 25th in support of domestic violence awareness, and share your photo with the tag #PurpleThursday.

4.Part with a few dollars. Many shelters and agencies run on shoestring budgets. Even a small donation can make a big difference. APEX will accept donations for The Sojourner Center at the October 22nd Party (Checks should made to them) or you can donate directly here:

5.Write a status update or post raising awareness about domestic violence on social media.

6.Publicly thank community members who are working to end domestic violence with a statement in social media.

7.Share articles about ending domestic violence on social media.

8.Educate yourself. Would you know if a friend was being abused? By the time bruises appear, abuse may have been going on for years. Know the warning signs.

9.Know what to do. If a friend or loved one is being abused support them even if they make choices, you don’t agree with. Don’t insist that they leave their partner, but help them develop a safety plan.

10.Work with Lost Our Home Pet Rescue to encourage people in the community to foster pets for survivors who need temporary pet care.

Our Chosen Shelter (click to read about Sojourner Center) is Currently in Need of…

  • Clothing for school, work, interviews, and daily wear
  • Household items such as lamps, small appliances, furniture and linens
  • Children’s items such as high chairs, strollers, and toys
  • Personal hygiene products for babies, children and adults
  • Gently used CLEAN clothing (for adults and children, including teen boys and girls)
  • Baby wipes
  • Pillows
  • Twin-size sheet/comforter sets
  • Blankets (twin-size or larger)
  • Adult and children’s shoes (all styles, all sizes)
  • Towels (bath, hand, washcloths)
  • Personal hygiene (bar soaps, shampoos, conditioners, solid deodorants, feminine hygiene)
  • Unused underwear (all sizes, adults and children)
  • Hair dryers

Pet Companion Shelter: Click to read more about the Pet Companion Shelter

  • Dog/puppy food (chicken flavor preferred)
  • Cat/kitty food
  • Clumping kitty litter
  • Dog and cat beds
  • Office supplies including printer paper
  • Laundry detergent and dryer sheets

October Bash Schedule


Saturday, October 6th

10:00am to 4:00pm

October Bash Schedule


  • Negotiation: How to Seduce with Consent with Susan Wright\
  • Intro to Vending with Cheeze
  • Dealing with Medical Issues in a Vanilla World when you are Rocky Road with Stephanie
  • Beginning Rope with Sarge and Alien Jim

11:15 am

  • The Spiritual Impact of Needles with Bowman_Sir
  • Wax Basics with Mistress CC

11:30am Drum Circle (Everyone welcome!)

11:45am APEX Tour


  • What’s Your Kink? With Jason and Deena
  • Cell Popping with Cheeze
  • Leather and Boots as a Fetish with Runner Dan
  • Rhythmic Impact with Father Abraham


  • Energy 101 with Bear
  • Foot Care and Reflexology with LilEllagirl
  • Canes with Gloryus
  • Intro to Little’s with Susan Wright

1:30pm Violet Wand

1:45pm APEX Tour


  • Being an Emotional Intelligence Warrior starts with YOU! Ligge and Princess Ellie
  • Identity and Labels in the Kink Community with Rien and Triss
  • A wholistic approach to human pets with Master Kat


  • Dealing with a Disability in a Power Exchange Dynamic with Bowman_Sir and LilEllagirl
  • Boot Blacking 101 with Bear
  • Endorphin Buttons with Wednesday
  • Hierarchical Polyamory, living M/s in a polyamorous community with Ligge and Princess Ellie



Open to the entire 18+ Community!

Saturday, October 6th 10:00am-4:00pm

Click here to view Saturday’s Schedule

Gather together for another great day! Loads of classes, fun demos and concessions.

Here’s a List of Classes. Scroll down for more information.

  • Beginning Rope with Sarge and Alien Jim
  • Cell Popping with Cheeze
  • Intro to Kink Vending with Cheeze
  • A wholistic approach to human pets with Master Kat
  • Intro to Little’s  with Susan Wright
  • Rhythmic Impact play with Father Abraham
  • Pink Bits Impact Play
  • Foot Care and Reflexology with LilEllagirl
  • Canes with Gloryus
  • What’s Your Kink? with Jason and Deena
  • The spiritual aspect of needles with Bowman_Sir
  • Leather and Boots as a fetish with RunnerDan
  • Dealing with Medical Issues in a Vanilla World when you are Rocky Road with Stephanie
  • Emotional Intelligence Ligge and Princess Ellie
  • Intro To Cuckqueaning with Amy
  • Hierarchical Poly with Ligge and Princess Ellie
  • Energy 101 with Bear
  • Endorphin Buttons with Wednesday
  • Negotiation: How to Seduce with Consent with Susan Wright
  • Intro to Boot Blacking with Bear
  • Wax Basics with Mistress CC
  • Dealing with a Disability in a Power Exchange Dynamic with Bowman_Sir and LilEllagirl
  • Identity and Labels in the kink community with Rien and Triss

…and so much more. Stay tuned to the Arizona Power Exchange  for the most up to date information!

Other Fun Things to Do:

Rope Rodeo: Bring your bottom and your rope and show off your rope skills among other rope enthusiasts.

Violet Wands: LOTS of Violet Wands, lots of ideas, lots of cool toys. Join a large group of violet wand enthusiasts and see all of the possibilities!

Dealing with Medical Issues in a Vanilla World when you are Rocky Road
Some tips on how to talk to a medical provider if you are in a relationship society considers “not mainstream” like LGBTQIA, BDSM, and Poly. We will cover such issues as medical privacy laws and ethics, a practitioners duty to report (and how to deal with that), the importance of honesty with a medical practitioner, and what to do if you have an issue with the practitioner.
About Stephanie:
I have been interested in BDSM for 40+ years, I have been peripherally involved both in person and on-line for much of that time. In the last year I have taken a more active role in the community at APEX.
I am an out Transwoman, in a same sex marriage to another transwoman, and we are exploring the developing BDSM dynamic between us.
I have been in healthcare for 35 years, I have been a Registered Nurse since 1990, and a Nurse Practitioner/Anesthetist since 2005.

About Bowman_Sir and LilEllagirl

About LilEllagirl.

LilEllagirlhas been involved in the BDSM lifestyle since she was 19 and has come to identify as submissive, slave, little girl, and occasional Switch.  Ella also identifies with the Leather Lifestyle and is currently training as a Bootblack. She has been a member of APEX- Arizona Power Exchange for over 12 years.  Has taught and also helped in presenting/demoing many classes at APEX, Desert Dominion, Southwest Leather Conference and other groups around Arizona. Ella is a graduate of The Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts.  She is the founder of the Arizona Chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches International and has been in leadership positions for many different groups including having been on the Executive Committee for APEX. Ella always looks forward to ways that she can give back to her community through service and education.

About Bowman.

Bowman_Sir began his journey into the BDSM Lifestyle about 10 years ago and throughout his walk, he identifies mostly with the Leather lifestyle as a Dominant and Daddy and on occasion a Sadistic Bastard. He enjoys giving back to his community having served in leadership roles, as well as volunteering his time when able for charity events, conferences, and local clubs. He enjoys facilitating classes and teaching people to play with their chosen toys with an emphasis on needles, blood play and all things pokey. Bowman has taught and helped demo for classes and events at his home dungeon of APEX, as well as Desert Dominion. He’s always eager to assist, teach and pay forward the time and knowledge that was given to him.

Spiritual Aspect of Needles

Needle play; most have heard of it, some have done it.  Here we will be discussing one of the many reasons why we do it.
About Foot Care and Reflexology
When most people first hear about a foot massage they think of either going to a salon or spa for a massage and it’s part of the experience of your scheduled time or it’s a quick little thing at home when you kick your feet up into a partner’s lap and get a little rub down. But with foot massage and reflexology, caring for your partner’s feet can be so much more. It can be part of a daily routine, ritual practice or protocol to aid in the connection and deepening of your love.
Dealing with a Disability in a Power Exchange Dynamic
So you have found your special M/s, D/s, things are great, then WHOA, one of you gets the news. An illness of the longterm or permanent type comes along. We will be discussing, where does your dynamic go from here when the one you serve or the one that serves can’t at times?
What’s Your Kink?
From ultra sexy to seriously taboo, come join us in an audience participation educational about the many kinks and how to make the most of them!
About Jason
Jason (GrandFromage) is a sadistic, polyamorous Master who has been in the community a little over 7 years. He has identified as slave Deena’s Master and Daddy for over 6 years. Aside from this, he has been with his lovey girlfriend Alishah for over 2 years.

After joining the local community via TNG-AZ in 2011, he began getting involved in many local groups and community events. He loves giving back through volunteer work at conventions and is currently working as a consultant for Desert Bound, Advertising Manager for West Coast Jungle Gym and he even runs his own convention; the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention, with his business partner.

Jason deeply enjoys sharing his love for kink/BDSM with others, especially when it comes to helping new individuals find their inner kinkster.

His current primary group affiliations include TNG-AZ, APEX, MAsT: Phoenix and the Arizona Rope Dojo.
About Deena

Deena (slave-Deena) is a sometimes bratty, masochistic, polyamorous slave who has been involved in the local community for over 6 years. She has identified as Jason’s slave and little girl for over 6 years.

After joining the local community over 6 years ago, Deena quickly began getting involved in various local groups and conventions. Currently, she serves as the assistant director to Southwest Leather Conference, Producers Assistant at West Coast Jungle Gym and the Programming chair to TNG-AZ. She also helps out Desert Bound with their volunteer coordinator position and has served in the past for MAsT: Phoenix.

Deena enjoys bottoming to both experienced Tops for fun and to new Tops to help them explore their sadistic side.

Her current primary group affiliations include TNG-AZ, APEX, MAsT: Phoenix and the Arizona Rope Dojo.
About Jim
I started taking rope classes at APEX (Arizona Power Exchange, our local dungeon). That interest grew while attending rope events (multiple times), such as Shibaricon, Bondage Expo Dallas, Ropecraft, Wristrained, FIRE, taking several private intensives, reading numerous bondage books and watching countless videos (some good and some bad). Finally, I also subscribe to numerous groups on Fetlife.

In 2013, I started the BoundToTie rope group at APEX as an avenue in which to give back to the community and at the same time help me grow. My main passion is teaching and seeing that spark ignite in someone when he/she just simply “gets rope”. I love continuing to learn and seeing different patterns in rope emerge as I tie and seeing their effects on my partner .
To assist others in their rope training path, I started my website,, to gather and organize many of the videos and materials already on the web.
About Cuckqueaning
Have you ever wondered what a cuckquean is? We will discuss the many ways to practice this particular kink. From Female led cuckquean dynamics to Male led dynamics. Great class for anyone curious what it means or wanting to participate in it, and not sure where to start.
About Amy
Amy hails from the land of 10,000 lakes, only recently relocating to Phoenix in 2017.
Prior to joining APEX and volunteering in various capacities, she was a moderator for her local Fetlife group. She has always been kinky but not “in the lifestyle” until joining the community in 2012.Amy has been a cuckquean her entire marriage, and was excited to find out her kink had a name to explain her conflicting feelings.

About Father Abraham and Gloryus
About Father Abraham
Master Tony has been involved in the Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) community since moving to the Valley of the Sun in 2014.  He is the proud owner of gloryus, Calamity Canes, and the House of Positive Energy (HoPE).  He volunteers at APEX, participates regularly in their events and fundraising activities with enthusiasm. Among his favorite APEX activities are Bizarre Bazaar, the Anniversary Party, APEX Olympics, and Kink Karnival.

His interests include Music, Athletics, Steampunk and more. He enjoys attending the theatre and bar lounging with friends in Mexico. A retired teacher and former presenter at various local and state venues in California, his experiences vary and interests continue to branch out.

His experiences with rhythmic and percussive musical background are being culminated for you in hopes to engage you.
Gloryus has been an active participant of the APEX Community for over 11 years.
~2008 -2012 She co-hosted the APEX Munch at the Phoenix Central iHOP.
~2008 APEX Orientation Representative at large.
~From 2009 – 2010 APEX Board Outreach Chairperson.
~2010 Lady in Waiting for Ladies From Hades. CBT Group known for sadistic fun and education.
~Butchmann graduate.
~SWLC volunteer three years running 2009 – 2011.
~Bak 2 Skool kindergarden teacher. Dragon Clan volunteer.
~Present Director The Phoenix Area Lifestyle Society: PALS.
~2010 – 2014 – 2017 Presenter of Canes Desert Dominion, TNG of Phoenix, APEX.
~2013 Canes from Sensual to Stern class at APEX.
~Co-Owner and Creator of Calamity Canes. Vendor at Kink Karnival and Bizarre Bazaar.
~2018 Group Facilitator Formal Service Education Training E.D.G.E;
~Presenter APEX E.D.G.E. The Whippers (Whip)
~Presenter APEX E.D.G.E. Impact (Canes)
~Member of MasT and long time supporter of APEX
About Runner Dan
About Leather and Boots as a Fetish
Runnerdan will be conducting a presentation on ‘Fetish Boots’,   Various boot heights, including thigh-high, will be presented.  Tips will include: how to get started wearing fetish boots publicly, how to choose an area for public walks and how to avoid or diffuse potential conflicts with certain elements of the public.  A public Boot Meet is planned for downtown Phoenix in early December (Dec 1) in honor of National Boot Day.  All boot fetishists and admirers will be welcome.”
About Susan
Susan Wright founded the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom in 1997, and works with the BDSM, swing and polyamory communities to destigmatize alternative sexuality. Currently Susan serves as spokesperson for NCSF and is the director of Incident Reporting & Response which directly helps kinky people in need. Susan has written over 30 books, and her latest novel is a kinky romance called Role Play. and

About Pet Play 101
Pet Play 101 – a wholistic approach to human pets: in this micro-class we will take a look into the headspace of pets, and their owners. We will discuss ways we can integrate petplay into our everyday lives, or our current power/authority transfer relationship. Bring an open mind, and be ready to share or ask a question!

About Kat
Master Kat 
is a gender non-binary Top, Daddy, Sadomasochist, and Sir, who entered the community in early 2013. Since then, Master Kat has organized munches, facilitated discussions, and assisted in numerous aspects of local and national BDSM & Leather community. They are an active volunteer, and facilitator at Arizona Power Exchange. Additionally, They have presented at Southwest Leather Conference, TNG-AZ, and Desert Dominion. Since 2015, Master Kat has served as Social Media Director for Behind Closed Doors. As of 2018, They are serving as the Marketing Coordinator for Southwest Leather Conference.
They invest Their time and effort into fostering a move inclusive, and vibrant Leather community, as well as personal & spiritual development. Of which Their philosophy on Authority Exchange Dynamics is rooted. Master Kat advocates for TNG Leatherfolk, and gender diversity in the lifestyle. Master Kat is also the Patriarch of House Enso, Their Leather Family, and is the lucky owner of Their wonderful boy, pup chunk.

Energy 101 – You’ve heard that word thrown around, “Energy”, but what does it mean? Get the basics here.

Bootblacking 101 – Boi Bear, Southwest Bootblack 2012, will be giving a demo on the hotness that is “putting some love” on boots and leathers.

Boi Bear has been in the BDSM community for over 20 years, a member of APEX for over a decade and a bootblack for almost 7 years. She takes great joy in sharing the knowledge that was shared with her throughout the years and in doing community service.

Leather Boi through and through, Daddy to a select few. She is the Southwest Bootblack 2012 title holder. She is a genderqueer, equal opportunity, sensual hedonist, sadomasochistic switch who enjoys Primal energy and energy exchange play.

Wax Basics with Mistress CC
Do you enjoy sensation play? Do you want to find a way to incorporate hot wax into your scenes, but you aren’t sure where to start? CC will discuss different types of wax and everything you need to know to get started, whether it’s simply for sensation or for more intricate and artistic designs. She’ll even bring instructions and supply lists so you won’t have to take notes! And there may be a demo, time permitting.

CC (JustCC on Fet) has been an active member of the BDSM community for four years, though she has been combining kink with art for far longer. She is a kinkster and hedonist with Top-leaning tendencies, though she occasionally mixes it up. Her main kink is experimentation and adventure. She’s NOT the most interesting woman in the world, so this bio is plenty long enough to feed her low-maintenance ego.


Being an Emotional Intelligence Warrior starts with YOU!

Learning and implementing Emotional Intelligence can have a profound impact on your life. It allows you to take the mystery out of the emotions you feel and make better, more logical, informed decisions about what motivates you and what choices will help you achieve what you and your partners set out as goals. In this class we will briefly cover the four pillars of Emotional Intelligence and offer up some tips related to the first two, the Personal (self-awareness and self-management) competencies. We will only touch on Social (social awareness and relationship management) competencies as part of the overview but will send you away with a number of resources.

Hierarchical Polyamory, living M/s in a polyamorous community

We began our polyamorous journey believing an egalitarian approach was best. That’s what the literature says, right? Quickly we began to understand that structure was not for us and started experimenting with different ideas. We were attracted to a power exchange relationship due to the fact that we both felt more comfortable in those roles that interacted and reflected our true nature. Over the last few years we have been conducting ethnographic research as well as some qualitative and quantitative approaches to gathering data. Our personal experiences and our research have helped us develop and structure a relationship that works for us; a well negotiated, consensual, Master slave structure that provides guidance, growth, and support in our polyamorous relationship.

Ligge and Princess Ellie

As academic researchers, polyamorous community leaders, and active participants in a Master slave dynamic we believe that our experience and background provides a unique perspective on the benefits of a well negotiated consensual Master slave dynamic. As educators we believe knowledge is important to making good life choices. We would like to provide service by informing and educating others that are curious about one of the many ways a healthy Master slave structure can provide benefits to all parties through communication, shared desires, and empathy. As the Arizona Master slave 2018 titleholders we look forward to deepening our reach into and out of the community.

We like to facilitate education and awareness around the healthy diversity of relationship and lifestyle choices. We will illustrate, by example, and evangelize, through discussion, the benefits of a well negotiated hierarchical relationship as it applies to any consensual Master slave structure and how it compliments autonomy in hierarchy based polyamory relationships.

Cellpopping: Cellpopping is temporary branding using simple tools. It is a form of fire play and is fairly painless (your mileage may vary). In this class we will discuss how to do cellpopping safely and the science behind why it works! Also we’ll discuss some pitfalls to avoid in caring for the brand so it stays as long as possible. There will be a demo on the process and you will have the chance to practice yourself if you’d like, time allowing. The demo bottom is also the presenter so you can also get an idea of how much it can hurt. Yes, you can do this to yourself as long as you can reach!

Intro to Kinky Vending:

You see them at Kink Karnival and Bizarre Bazaar. You’ve met a few at the Maker’s group (2nd Thursdays at APEX) and have seen photos on Fetlife. Vendors! Makers! Creative kinky artists! Ever wonder how much work is involved prior to when you see them? How did they get to where they are? How did they come up with their prices? How much did they spend to get that booth you are wandering in? You already make things and are wondering about how to break in to selling your own kinky wares? Whether you are just looking to make your hobby pay for itself, make some extra money, or make a living, this class will help get you started! Resources will be provided, please come with questions particular to your craft.

Cheeze has been in the lifestyle since 2013, exclusively a bottom except for demoing her favorite things to others. She identifies as a submissive, brat, masochist, and toy. An avid fan of science, Cheeze loves play that manipulates the body to control endorphin and adrenaline release and maximize the fun of BDSM. Impact, electricity, needle play, power exchange, and humiliation are some of her favorite kinktastic activities. Cheeze is the owner of CK Underground and has been a kinky maker vending in the community and Southwestern states since 2015.


September is National Consent Month


Partnering with the NCSF, the Arizona Power Exchange is proud to bring you Consent Month!

Please visit the Consent Month Website for contests, merchandise, ideas, and free stuff as we all discuss consent in a positive way!

AT APEX, we focus on consent all month long including…

APEX sponsors [Consent Month][] and focuses on consent the entire month of September!

**Here are some things you might be interested in to support and empower consent in our club**


Monday, September 3rd: CONSENT @ APEX



Monday, September 17th: CONSENT SOCIAL WITH THE NCSF


Visit the APEX Calendar for more information!

Got Consent?


Saturday, July 28th: Hosted Play Space-Needles


At 8:00PM APEX will have a hosted play space for everyone wanting to explore needles in a party setting safely. There will be supplies, coaches and spotters to help you through this safely.

This is a great opportunity to share space with other members of a similar interest.

You can try this kind of play with the help of APEX supplies and a host, or just lend your experience to the evening by contributing your own scene.

There will also be Beef Stew in the kitchen!

Huge thanks to everyone who made this happen!


Saturday, June 30th @ APEX: All About Feet


This Saturday brings us some very cool programming for those who are curious about foot fetishes, or those who have a foot fetish.

At 6:30PM APEX will host a Preparty Workshop on Foot Massage and Foot Worship with Ella. Ella  is a certified Reflexologist and graduate of The Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. Her classes are always full of information and always worth attending.

At 8:00PM APEX will have a hosted play space for everyone wanting to explore this kind of play.

For those who admire and appreciate the feet. APEX will provide some lotions and oils, and comfy furniture, but please feel free to bring anything you would like to use. Bringing your own towels is encouraged.

This is a great opportunity to share space with other members of a similar interest. As always, a coach will be available if you need one.

You can try this kind of play with the help of APEX supplies and a host, or just lend your experience to the evening by contributing your own scene.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this happen!


2018 APEX Summer Games!


The 7th Annual APEX Summer Games

The Annual APEX Summer Games and Wet-N-Messy Party. The thrill of competition and FUN! This year will include lots of new things, including concessions! There will be some fun fair-food to keep us fueled as we Go For The Gold!

Tell Your Friends You Are Coming

APEX 2018 Annual Summer Games
APEX Annual Wet-N-Messy Party
Summer Games on Facebook

The Games for 2018

Top Toy Champion
Now is the time for all the creative toy makers to shine! You’re trapped in the Dungeon without your toy bag! What shall you do? Why… you’ll open your box of mystery supplies and MAKE a toy of course. You will have 2 hours, and a box of random supplies to make this happen. You must use at least a part of everything in the box. Everyone will have access to a stack of staple supplies (duct tape, glue etc). At the end of 2 hours, you will present your toys to the audience. Toys will be judged on creativity, use of the supplies, functionality, durability, and presentation. The contestant who makes the best toy will be the reigning Top Champion for 2018!

Because of the supplies required, you must register for the contest by emailing There are a limited number of spots, and they always go quickly, so register EARLY!

Fetish Fashionistas
For those who are not toy makers we introduce the Fetish Fashionistas! In the spirit of the toy makers, you bring only yourself and you will have two hours to build a fun fetish outfit. You can put it on yourself or arrange for a model. You will have a mystery box that you MUST use, and a pantry of basic supplies to pull off this challenge! You or your model will walk the runway in your creation and compete for the Fetish Fashionista medal! The audience votes on their favorite outfit!

Because of the supplies required and limited space, you must register by emailing We expect this inaugural contest to be super popular, so register early!

J-Lube Wrestling
No medals are awarded, we wrestle just for fun!

Endurance Flogging!
We will provide you with a set of floggers and you will Florentine a target as long as you can! The person with the longest time WINS! This game will be available all day, so no need to register!

Singletail and Dragontail Marksman
Bring your singletail and/or dragontail to show off your skill. There will be an Expert and Novice Category

Creative Rope Contest
You have one hour to tie your best tie and the audience votes!

Wiggle Worm Contest
Our rigger ties, you escape. The best time wins!

Novelty Game
There will be a fun SURPRISE game as well this year, but we might just give you a hint as the event draws closer.

The Awards Ceremony will begin at 3:30pm. This will include the Fourth Annual “Summer Games Spirit Award” being given in the name of Sir John C. He was a huge fan of the summer games and embodied the spirit of competition and FUN! Being a good sport might just get you on the podium!

To participate in the Top Toy Champion or Fetish Fashionistas email We will get you registered!

Complete List of 2018 Games:

• Top Toy Champion 2018
• Fetish Fashionista 2018
• Endurance Flogging 2018
• Singletail Marksman 2018
• Dragontail Marksman 2018
• Novice Singletail Marksman 2018
• Novice Dragontail Marksman 2018
• Creative Rope Contest 2018
• Wiggle Worm Contest 2018
• Sir John C Spirit of the Games 2018

Summer Games 10am-4pm
8:00PM Wet-N-Messy Party

Hot, cool, sticky, slippery, wet. We’re going to get wet and messy at APEX! The Orbeez pool will be back for everyone and we will have additional stations with fun and messy supplies.

Paint flogging, Wax play, liquid latex, sploshing…how will you get your wet and messy on? Bring out all those messy ideas… an outdoor area will be provided for the messiest play.

There will be regular Dungeon space for those who want a more traditional party, but a guaranteed good time and hot scenes of messy play will be available for your voyeuristic enjoyment.

APEX will be providing a Baked Potato Bar, but you are very welcome to bring something to share. A six-pack of soda would also be appreciated. As always, water will be provided.

Tell Your Friends You Are Coming

APEX 2018 Annual Summer Games
APEX Annual Wet-N-Messy Party
Summer Games on Facebook


APEX Flea Market: Friday, April 20th @ 7pm


You have bought some new and improved things at the KK, and now have a storage problem. Today is the day to fix that! We will be having a flea market at APEX. From 7-9:30pm we will provide space for those of you who would like to do a little selling and bartering! Find a home that will love the things you can no longer store!

Anyone can reserve a table by sending an email to Though if we run out of space, APEX Members get preferential treatment. There will be a $5.00 charge for those wanting to have table space, but everyone else gets in for free. Drinks and snacks will be available at the concessions booth.

Please note: This is not a vendor event. Bizarre Bazaar on March 17th is a vendor fair. If you are a Vendor, you can request to Vend at Bizarre Bazaar in March, or Kink Karnival in November by visiting

Open to All Member of our 18+ Community

Please RSVP HERE. (Not Required for attendance)