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The First Open House in our New Space courtesy of The Kink Factory


Our first open house in our new space courtesy of our friends at The Kink Factory!

The Kink Factory is helping us step up our monthly BBQ!  In addition to burgers and dogs we hear some other goodies are coming as well. If you’ve not yet been introduced to The Kink Factory, you are missing out! You can see what they do on The Kink Factory website,  and visit The Kink Factory Facebook page.

Orientations and tours will be available at 2pm, and you can be the first to see (in the daylight!) all the things APEX has to offer.

As always, a share dish is welcome and we hope to see all of our friends on this celebratory weekend!

APEX BBQ/Open House
12pm-4pm Sunday, June 5th
Click here for directionsLogo 2016 (1)


Celebrating the Arizona Master Slave Community: The 2016 Arizona Master Slave Contest


The Arizona Master Slave contest is accepting applications!

This contest celebrates the Master/slave dynamic and is a positive outreach to the community at large in an effort to promote, educate and build upon healthy Master and slave relationships. The contest is for couples who self identify as Master and slave or Owner and property, regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Contestants must be at least 21 years of age and have been in a declared Master and slave  or Owner and property relationship at least one year prior to the date of the contest.

The holders of the Arizona Master and slave 2016 title will be the Arizona State spokespersons for the Master and slave community through 2017. Title holders must have the ability to effectively communicate to the community what it means to live and identify as Master or slave.

It is expected that title holders will actively seek venues to educate the Leather/BDSM community on the Master/slave lifestyle. Presentations should include: speeches, seminars, panel discussions, etc. It is also expected that title holders actively pursue fundraising for the charity of their choice as a way of giving back to the community.

The Arizona Master and slave titles are not about a particular “look,” dress, body type, gender or sexual orientation. There is no required set of protocols the winners are expected to follow. Contestants are not required to have a formal “platform”; however, questions from the judges regarding any specific plans or goals the contestants might have should they win the titles are quite appropriate.

This title contest is an exclusive feeder from Arizona into the Southwest Regional Master and slave Contest held in January, at theSouthwest Leather Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  The Southwest title is one of five feeder titles that compete in the International Master and slave Contest held at South Plains LeatherFest in Dallas, TX.

The 2016 Arizona Master and slave will compete for the Southwest title in January of 2017.  Should this pair win that contest, they will move on to compete at the International contest in March of 2018.  This gives the title holders approximately a year with their title before moving on to the next level of competition.

In addition to their speaking and teaching obligations, the Arizona Master and slave will receive private and group coaching prior to Southwest Leather Conference so they will be at their most polished to represent Arizona.

To learn more about the contest you can visit the Arizona Master Slave Contest Website.

Supporting diversity and excellence in our contestants, judges and staff. We want to show the Southwest the best of what Arizona has to offer!

This contest celebrates the Master/slave dynamic and is a positive outreach to the community at large in an effort to promote, educate and build upon healthy Master and slave relationships. The contest is for couples who self identify as Master and slave or Owner and property, regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Contestants must be at least 21 years of age and have been in a declared Master and slave or Owner and property relationship at least one year prior to the date of the contest.


Attention Vendors and Performers…


BB-Featured-ImageThe Bizarre Bazaar is rapidly approaching, and we are working to get our vendors and performances finalized in the next 2 weeks.

If you’re a vendor and interested in vending at the APEX Bizarre Bazaar please visit the Vendor form.

If you have an edgy performance, you can visit the demonstration form. 

We’re looking forward to an amazing Bizarre Bazaar!

About the Bizarre Bazaar

If the Kink Karnival is a 101, the Bizarre Bazaar needs a PhD. Edgy and fun, the Bizarre Bazaar lets our spring fever out to play!

The Bizarre Bazaar is an amazing collection of Vendors, Demonstrations, Performances, and fun! Learn more about theArizona Power Exchange, The Valley’s Premier Source for BDSM education, social opportunities, and support. Learn about Lifestyle Organizations in our Valley, see demonstrations provided by our Members and Vendors, meet like-minded people, and see the largest collection of quality vendors assembled in Arizona.

Ticket Link

March 12th, 2016  10am-4pm

4006 S 23rd St., Suite 11, Phoenix, Arizona 85040


Urgent Charity Drive at APEX


Join APEX in an effort to support a number of children whose families are struggling this Holiday Season by donating a toy (or two, or three) or cash (which will be converted to toys and clothing).

Who these families are: All of these families are would-have-been recipients of a state charity who had their funding cut. They are all proactively working to better their situations, but they struggle to put food on the table, to get warm at night, and even a single gift at Christmas for these children is an unattainable dream. These families live near us, in our neighborhoods, their children attend school with our own children yet they are battling poverty on a daily basis. State budget issues leave this shortfall to us.

Your donations may be the only toys or clothes these children will receive this year. Please be generous! There are over 150 children who need our help. This is an ambitious goal, but we know what we can do when we come together!

Your donations will be hand-delivered to families before Christmas so the parents have time to wrap the gifts and be their children’s hero on Christmas morning. For those families who do not celebrate Christmas, their your donations will be passed along in a way that is consistent with their beliefs.

GoFundMe Link for those further away.

Here are some gift ideas:

  • Diapers, wipes, and baby supplies
  • Board games
  • Foot balls, soccer balls, basketballs, jump rope, shakeboard, scooters, bikes
  • Family photo albums, baby books, parenting books
  • Reading books, art supplies, journals, coloring books
  • Dolls, cars, dinosaurs
  • Legos, playdough, building blocks
  • Gift certificates for family outings of any type!
  • Winter jackets/coats

We will continue to post specific requests as they arrive, but let’s do this! If every member of the club brought just ONE thing, we would blow the doors off for these families!

There is a box in the front office at the club. For those with logistics issues, we will all pitch in and make it happen. If you drop off gift cards or cash, the front desk can help you with that.

To commemorate your donation for the holiday season, we will have cards you can fill out in the front office and we will proudly display your generosity as we all come together to make this holiday magical! For those of you donating to the GoFundMecampaign, we will include a donation card at the club in your honor.


Use this photo as your social media avatar and spread the love!



From the NCSF: Results of the Mental & Emotional Health Study


Results of the Mental & Emotional Health Study
December 1, 2015

University of Alabama and University of Central Florida researchers surveyed over 800 kinky people recruited by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and found they were mentally and emotionally healthy.

“I was curious about the stereotypes from a mental health standpoint and we found that these kinky people are well functioning, with little mental health concerns,” says Tess M. Gemberling, M.A., Co-Principal Investigator, University of Alabama. “They also have healthy romantic relationships.”

The study, “Psychological Functioning and Violence Victimization and Perpetration in BDSM Practitioners from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom,” also investigated people’s preferences for BDSM activities and fantasies, and explored whether violence is perpetuated against kinky people. It joins a growing body of research that refutes the stereotype that people who are kinky are inherently dangerous to themselves and others, which is at the root of the discrimination and persecution that kinky people experience.

“I wanted to explore more about how the stereotypes interface with reality,” says Matt R. Nobles, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator, University of Central Florida. “Although more than half of the people in this study have been victims of violence or aggression, extremely few had perpetrated such themselves.”

In the study, 7.7% of participants reported they had been victims of a BDSM-based hate crime, while 10.2% of participants reported they had been victims of an LGBT-based hate crime.

“Parallel to my work with sexual minorities, my interest is in looking at the nature of identity and mental health in a vulnerable group of people,” says Robert J. Cramer, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator, University of Alabama. “Contrary to popular perceptions, our study shows kinky persons are largely mentally healthy when it comes to conditions such as depression, anxiety and suicide.”

The study also confirms that for these kinksters it’s primarily about consensual power exchange, with 98% preferring to take a specific power exchange role during BDSM. The most commonly reported practices were spanking, slapping and biting, and the use of sexual toys and equipment.

“Lawmakers can help by legally recognizing informed consent as the basis of healthy BDSM behavior,” says Susan Wright, spokesperson for NCSF. “BDSM is intended to be a mutually beneficial experience that is done by consenting adults.”


Quick Links…

The NCSF Our Website

Donate to the NCSF

See the Original Press Release


NCSF Contact Information

NCSF Media Line: 917-848-6544
NCSF Office  Line: 410-539-4824




Special Thanks to Project Hard Hat!


Project Hard Hat has donated latex/ non latex condoms and female condoms to the Arizona Power Exchange! We want to thank them for caring about APEX and it’s membership.

Project Hard Hat promotes the practice of safer sex in an effort to prevent STD’s / STI’s primarily HIV among sexually active adults.

Don’t forget to visit Project Hard Hat on Facebook and say “Thank you”!



Consent Month


While Consent Month may be over (though it was a smashing success!), it is never too late (or early!) to talk about Consent, Informed Consent, and take a positive approach to Consent Education.

We want to give a shout out to our Consent Month Partners at the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) for working so hard year round!

Remember, you can support the NCSF and join the fight! NCSF operates through the financial contributions and volunteer efforts.

APEX and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) is already gearing up for the 2016 Consent Month. So, start planning events, planning photo shoots, and working on how your group is going to rock consent education in 2016!