APEX Dungeon 101:

April 20, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm America/Phoenix Timezone
Arizona Power Exchange (APEX)
4006 S 23rd St #10
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Dungeon 101 serves as an introduction into public BDSM play for those who have been members of Apex for less than 12 months. Attending a public BDSM play event can be a bit daunting, and this event is specifically designed to help you feel more “at home” in your space and the tools to feel more comfortable at play parties in a fun and casual atmosphere.

The evening will contain…

  • A talk about how play parties work, how to be a non-interfering spectator, the etiquette and logistics of our club and generally how to make yourself at home.
  • A tour of the facility. We’ll show you the play equipment, discuss safety concerns, and review some of the rules so that everyone can be comfortable and just enjoy themselves. The difference between this and your first orientation tour is that we are set up for a party!
  • Show and Tell. We have invited some APEX members who have great toy bags to attend with a selection of their favorite BDSM toys. Here is your opportunity to ask questions about where to procure toys, how they are used, and for what!
  • Then the time is yours. You will have several options.

As the party starts, our facilitators will be available for you to ask questions. As with any APEX Party, you are welcome to play, and a few experienced players may be available to model scenes for you to watch. These will not be “staged” or “demonstration” scenes, but examples of public play you might see at a Saturday Dungeon Party. The best part is that these individuals will be available after their scenes to answer any questions you may have. This is a great opportunity to talk with experienced players.

Important note to experienced APEX members about this special event:

1) Unless you have been expressly invited to participate as a presenter, we ask that you attend in an observational role only.

2) If you are a seasoned kinkster and will attend, we ask that you please show the same courtesy and respect for the evening’s presenters, as you would at any event.

3) These events are geared toward creating a comfortable environment for educational playtime for those new to the club. If you are an established kink community member, we ask that you plan to play at the Saturday parties.

4) If you are an established kinkster and are interested in presenting at a future Dungeon 101 (sharing your toybag, doing a scene, answering questions), please email Tess@arizonapowerexchange.org. Please note that the invitations list is updated for EACH event based on the dynamics of the particular group. If you’ve not been specifically invited this month, please email.


All Access Members get in free, Pay Per Event Members are $15.00 and includes entry to the party

To Learn More about APEX Membership Please visit the website: https://arizonapowerexchange.org/membership

*Please note: You must be a member at least 24 hours PRIOR to this event to attend. No orientations will be done at this event.

Please RSVP HERE. (Not Required for attendance)