APEX Preparty Workshop: Rope Hip Harnesses

April 13, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm America/Phoenix Timezone
APEX (Arizona Power Exchange)
4006 S 23rd St #10
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Preparty Workshops are designed to teach you some skills you can use tonight at the party! A fun and interactive environment where we can all sharpen our skills together! This is not a classroom environment-no lectures here! These are interactive and high energy sessions so you can get ready to party!

The Preparty Workshop is FREE for All Access Members, and included with your party fee for our Pay Per Event Members. The Workshop alone for our Pay Per Event Members is $6.00


You must be an APEX (or reciprocal) member in order to attend an APEX party. This is legal stuff, sorry all! You can learn more about being a Member of the Arizona Power Exchange on our Membership Page.

$6 for Pay Per Event Members, FREE for All Access Members

Requirements :

Ability to follow instructions / ask questions

Passing familiarity with rope, actually know a single column tie (YouTube is your friend.)

Materials :

3 to 4 pieces of rope (any kind) at least 25’ long (there will be rope available to use.)

Safety cutters (either knife or scissors) – (will also have available.)

Class Time :

approximately 1 hour

Lab Time :

to fill in remainder of scheduled event

Partner required :

really, this is up to you. All ties presented can be done either paired up or solo.


Class will begin with a short discussion on the following : how to negotiate a rope scene; consent (including underlying power dynamics stated or implied); safety issues and how to handle them (both casually and in an emergency); physical issues and nerve/circulation information specific to tying.

The class will go over a few different variations on hip harnesses and their applications

Lab time afterwards will be available for attendees to practice, ask questions, and get feedback/pointers as needed. Ideally, everyone will leave the event with at least a basic understanding of the class materials.

Please RSVP HERE. (Not Required for attendance)