Hierarchical Polyamory, living M/s in a polyamorous community

November 12, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm America/Phoenix Timezone
APEX (Arizona Power Exchange)
4006 S 23rd St #10
Phoenix, AZ 85040

We began our polyamorous journey believing an egalitarian approach was best. That’s what the literature says, right? Quickly we began to understand that structure was not for us and started experimenting with different ideas. We were attracted to a power exchange relationship due to the fact that we both felt more comfortable in those roles that interacted and reflected our true nature. Over the last few years we have been conducting ethnographic research as well as some qualitative and quantitative approaches to gathering data. Our personal experiences and our research have helped us develop and structure a relationship that works for us; a well negotiated, consensual, Master slave structure that provides guidance, growth, and support in our polyamorous relationship.

Ligge and Princess Ellie

As academic researchers, polyamorous community leaders, and active participants in a Master slave dynamic we believe that our experience and background provides a unique perspective on the benefits of a well negotiated consensual Master slave dynamic. As educators we believe knowledge is important to making good life choices. We would like to provide service by informing and educating others that are curious about one of the many ways a healthy Master slave structure can provide benefits to all parties through communication, shared desires, and empathy. As the Arizona Master slave 2018 titleholders we look forward to deepening our reach into and out of the community.

We like to facilitate education and awareness around the healthy diversity of relationship and lifestyle choices. We will illustrate, by example, and evangelize, through discussion, the benefits of a well negotiated hierarchical relationship as it applies to any consensual Master slave structure and how it compliments autonomy in hierarchy based polyamory relationships.

If there is a subject that you are interested in seeing or teaching, please email Mondays@ArizonaPowerExchange.org.


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