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The Art of Custom Service w/slave quin & slave tiffany
Monday, September 04, 2023, 07:15pm - 09:15pm
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In this transformative class, you will uncover the secrets to providing exceptional customized service. slave tiffany and slave quin will be your guides, helping you tap into the power of your devotion to elevate your service to new heights. Together, we will take practical steps to exceed expectations and create deep connections with those you serve. Gain insights on specific activities, like assembling a personalized Master's bag, filled with curated items tailored to your Master's unique needs and desires. Additionally, you'll develop the skill of asking insightful questions, unlocking hidden preferences, and fostering a deeper connection with those you serve.

"The Art of Custom Service" is an essential resource for anyone aspiring to excel in personalized service, whether you're a slave, submissive, servant, or aiming to become one. This class offers a wealth of knowledge and practical techniques to enhance your abilities. Join slave tiffany and slave quin on this transformative journey and discover how to provide unparalleled custom service that leaves a lasting impression.

slave quin bio:

slave quin has always had a slave heart, despite only discovering the kink community a year ago. Devoted to her Master, Aki, she embraces her role as a slave with unwavering loyalty and a deep commitment to alignment and deference to her. With a professional background in HR, she possesses the skills to navigate complex situations effortlessly. As the secretary for MAsT Phoenix, she actively supports the organization’s mission of education and mutual support within the Master/slave community. Additionally, slave quin exemplifies her commitment to service, education, and community involvement as a member and volunteer at APEX, and a new member of the Phoenix girls of Leather.

slave Tiffany bio:

slave tiffany has dedicated her life to the transformative power of service. Since 2005, she has cultivated a deep commitment to serving others in her personal, professional, and spiritual realms. Collared by Master Mark in 2012, she has gained valuable insights into trust, surrender, and love within a Master-slave relationship. Additionally, she successfully serves Collin, demonstrating her extraordinary dedication and adaptability in balancing two dynamics simultaneously.

In her professional life, slave tiffany has spent the past decade as an executive assistant, providing unwavering support to five executives. Her grace and efficiency in orchestrating their daily operations have made her an indispensable asset. Beyond her professional role, she is a devoted Priestess and Rose Matron of the Triskele Rose Tradition, exemplifying servant leadership by guiding and nurturing her spiritual community with care and compassion.

Since joining in 2006, MAsT: Phoenix has become her cherished home where she feels seen and understood. Starting in 2012, she selflessly served on the board in various roles, showcasing her commitment and invaluable contributions. As Vice-Director since 2018, she exemplifies leadership and fosters a supportive and inclusive environment. Through MAsT: Phoenix, slave tiffany has found her place and made a lasting impact on others with her unwavering devotion to service.

Service is not just a duty for slave tiffany—it is the essence of her being. It brings her joy, fulfillment, and a profound sense of purpose. Whether attending to the needs of her Masters, supporting executives, or empowering those she serves as a Priestess, she embodies unwavering commitment in every aspect of her life. slave tiffany stands as a shining example of the transformative impact that selfless dedication to others can have.





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