Reporting Of APEX Management


The APEX Accountability Committee (AAC) is comprised of members and management.  The AAC advises management on incidents and conflicts within the APEX community and serves as a neutral third party in case of management incidents including conflicts of interest, abuse of power, breach of fiduciary duty, consent violations or Code of Conduct violations.

The purpose of the committee is to provide an additional avenue for the community to voice concerns regarding APEX board members, officers, volunteers, members, or club policy.  The AAC is a support structure for conflicts between members that cannot be resolved by the onsite staff and volunteers.  The AAC will discuss and review input for possible improvement plans to club culture and policy.  These plans will be brought to the Executive Committee (EC) for review and decision on implementation.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Serving as an accountability mechanism for Board of Directors (Board) and Executive Committee Members.
  • Reviewing membership complaints regarding club culture and conflicts, and making timely recommendations to the EC.
  • Recommendations will be performance or improvement plans, if either type is required in any area for any person.  These plans will be related to membership or management behavior, or improvements to club policy or culture.
  • Meet at least quarterly to produce a report for EC & board about potential opportunities for member education or policy improvement.
  • Advertise and advocate for the use of the AAC as a reporting mechanism.
  • Soliciting members to serve on the AAC as needed.


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