PURPOSE OF THE GROUP: ARIZONA POWER EXCHANGE (APEX) is an education support and social group and a not‐ for-profit private membership organization for people to talk with confidentiality about the BDSM lifestyle within consenting adult sexual relationships. APEX is not a sex club, a dating club, nor does APEX provide partners for people. Fees collected are for the purpose of supporting the organizational expenses and do not entitle the payer to anything other than admission to the event. Anyone found engaging in or soliciting an act of prostitution, or any kind of pay‐for‐play activities will be expelled without a refund of any fees paid.


I have read and do understand the purpose of APEX. I agree that any of my participation in BDSM interactions will occur only with consenting adults. I will not perform any illegal activity during an APEX‐sponsored event.  I know that the topic of discussion is a type of human sexuality and its effect on our lives. When educational/safety presentations are made, I realize that nudity, demonstrations or pictures of these may occur and that APEX is under no obligation to include these in presentation.  I further understand that I am under no obligation to attend any presentation with which I am uncomfortable.

  • I agree to respect the privacy of others and I agree to keep confidential the names and activities of others.
  • I realize that I am under no obligation to take part in any demonstrations or to interact in any scene with other members.
  • I am aware that BDSM may be hazardous. I acknowledge that any participation in these activities is voluntary, and in doing so I am accepting the responsibility and risks or consequences associated with my choices and actions including damage to my personal property as well as the property of others or personal injury to myself or others.
  • I am responsible for clearly communicating my personal preferences, limits, and boundaries to others that I interact with and for the enforcement of the same.
  • I am responsible to ensure I participate at a level that doesn’t exceed my preferences, personal limits, and boundaries, and
  • I am responsible for removing myself should any activity exceed my limits.
  • I agree not to bring any mind altering and/or illegal chemical substance to an APEX event (including but not limited to: marijuana, poppers, alcohol, prescription drugs), nor consume them during an APEX event. I understand that the result of such an act will be a request to leave and may result in the revocation of my membership.
  • I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and have provided Government Issued Photo Identification.
  • I am not here in any official capacity as a Law Enforcement Officer, Postal Service Agent or Government Employee.
  • I have not ever been charged with a violent crime.
  • I have never been convicted or Domestic Violence.
  • I have never been named in a permanent order of protection (Protection Order issued by a judge for a specific length of time.)
  • I understand that should I violate any of the above agreements I may be asked to leave the event and/or organization and I will not be given a refund for any unused portion of the same.

Your Membership will expire 1 year from activation for annual memberships, 90 days after activation for trial memberships, and 30 days after activation for 30-day memberships.  If you do not attend APEX, it will in no way extend your membership or alter your expiration date, nor will it entitle you to a refund of paid membership fees. We do not refund unused membership fees.  

All new members (and returning members who have been away from the club for 2 years or longer) agree to watch the Orientation video closely, and abide by the Rules, Etiquette, and Code of Conduct for the club. Orientation is REQUIRED for all members. Breach of the APEX Rules, Etiquette, or Code of Conduct could result in disciplinary action up to and including revocation of membership


How to find APEX


4006 S 23rd St., Suite 10, Phoenix, Arizona 85040

Annual Report

Per the APEX Bylaws:



Annual meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held on the 3rd Tuesday of November each year, or if such day be a legal holiday, such meeting shall be held on the next succeeding business day. If the date of the meeting must be changed, notice will be given as outlined in Section 3.10 of these Bylaws. Said annual meeting shall be held for the purpose of appointing the officers of the Corporation, appointing directors to fill any expired terms of office or fill any additional offices created by the Board of Directors, establishing the membership fee structure for the upcoming year, and the transaction of any other business that may come before the board.

The monthly meeting dives into our financials and the business of APEX, the annual meeting is meant to be an overview of the last twelve (12) months.

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