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Facts about the new entry system for all access members


We have started the conversions to give our Annual All Access Members their Proximity Cards.

What that means is that Annual All Access members in good standing will have the ability to let themselves into an event until closing time.

So, if you are an Annual All Access Member and happen to be a night owl and only want to show up for the last hour of the party, you can do that! Late for class and the door is closed? No problem, let yourself in. This cool new system will unlock the front door to let you into the building, and also checks you in, so no worries about hunting down a door person or making special arrangements.

What this means for now…while we work out any kinks in the system:

  • Weeknight Classes that begin at 7:30pm: You can let yourself in until 9:30pm.
  • As a rule, All Access Members will be able to use their cards for two (2) hours after start time for anything other than parties.
  • Early Party: You can let yourself in until Midnight
  • Party Closing at 1:00am: You can let yourself in until 1:00am

We are sure we will discover ways to make this better as we move along, but that’s where we are starting. 



Starting May 1st, there will also be an auto-attendant in the front office next to the Door Volunteer. If the Door Volunteer is busy, you can scan yourself in! If the screen turns green, you are good to go!

Some Q&A for Annual All Access Members:

Q. Will I get a new card?
A. Yes. You will get a cool prox. card that hangs on your key chain. It doesn’t have a logo and there is no identification, so it can be on your keys without worry.

Q. What about my bar-coded card?
A. You want to keep this. This is your membership card for the benefit of reciprocity, as well as a few other things, so Annual All Access Members will have both. At some stage, maybe that changes, but today we will use both.

Q. So, does my membership number change?
A. Yes. The prox. cards have a whole different numbering system, so Annual All Access members will have a different number for the time they are Annual All Access Members. Keeping your bar-code card though means if you are ever NOT an Annual All Access Member you will revert to the bar-code.

Q. Why only Annual All Access Members?
A. Because if they are in good standing (meaning, current, with no expired cards or payment failures), Annual All Access members don’t need to see a door volunteer. This system will also have an “auto-attendant” while the door is open, so they can check themselves in if they choose.

Q. What if I need to renew, or I have to change my credit card, or a payment failed?
A. You will still need to see a person at the door just like normal. Keep track of your expiration date (on your bar-coded card) and see someone at the door.

Q. How do I get this magical card?
A. We are doing training right now so that we will have enough people to handle all of our Annual All Access Members. We will be doing paperwork and conversions April 24th -April 29th in order to have everyone ready for the May 1st launch. If you come in at one of those “Annual All Access Card Conversion” times, there will be door folks present to walk you through how it works, and sign an agreement that you understand. The conversion schedule is below and will be on our calendar shortly.

Q. Do we have to sign something?
A. Yes, but it is short. We need to share the rules of the new benefit like not letting other people in with you, and making sure everyone knows if their account is not in good standing they need to see a door person. We also need to verify with you that the name we have in our system is the one that will show on the screen when you check in, so it is important that the information is correct!

Q. Do I have to participate if I am an Annual All Access Member?
A. Nope. Completely voluntary. You can keep doing just what you are doing and we will be happy to check you in just like we always have.

Q. So, when can I come in?
A. When there is an event, your new card can be used to get in once the front door is locked for most of the remainder of the event. So, for example: On a Monday Night the door closes at 8:30pm, but All Access Members will be able to enter until 9:15pm. For a Saturday Night Party, your card will get you in until 1am.

Q. You didn’t answer my question!
A. Email us at Contact@ArizonaPowerExchange.org or come to one of the “Annual All Access Card Conversion” dates.


Diversity and Being an ally


Diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and APEX takes the support of diversity seriously. APEX has made a conscious effort to support every member of our community with diversity, cultural
competency, and ally training.

The 2019 Lineup Includes:

  • Dismantling Rape Culture and Empowering Consent
  • Being an LGBTQ Ally
  • Being a Good Ally and Cultural Competency of Native American People
  • Allyship to the Trans-person Community
  • How to be an ally to People of Color
  • How to support survivors of Domestic Violence
  • How to support those with Mental Health Challenges
  • How to Support Women

If you know a presenter on diversity or you have a subject you would like to see, please email: Tess@ArizonaPowerExchange.com, or you can put it in the Kinky Bucket!