Organizational Chart


Board of Directors

Master Shane: Chairman
Whippet: Vice Chairman
Charlie: Director
Master Phoenyx: Director
Mel: Director

Executive Committee-Officers

Reports to the Board of Directors
Master Archer: President
Master Kat: Vice President
Jackie: Secretary
Tess: Treasurer

Education Committee

Reports to the Executive Committee
Education Chair:
E.D.G.E. Coordinator: Triss
Monday Night Coordinator:
Monday Night Logistics: Richard
APEX 101 Coordinator
APEX 202 Coordinator
APEX 303 Coordinator
Preparty Workshop Coordinator
Weekend Intensive Coordinator
Weekend Workshop Coordinator
Education Committee Marketing

Social Opportunities Committee

Reports to the Executive Committee
Social Chair:
Party Host Coordinator
Non-Play Social Activities Coordinator
Social Committee Marketing

Support Committee

Reports to the Executive Committee
Support Chair:
S.I.G. Coordinator:
Other Support Vehicles
Support Committee Marketing

Internal Support Committee

Reports to the Executive Committee
Internal Operations Chair
Membership (Officer)
Website Administration

  • Calendar Administration
  • Volunteer Calendar Administration

Event Marketing

  • Social Media

Newsletter Administration

  • Dust Busting Crew
  • APEX Building Crew
  • Space Maintenance
  • Space Improvement
  • Supplies Coordinator

Opening/Closing Coordinator
Dungeon Master

  • Dungeon Monitor Coordinator
  • Dungeon Monitors

Door Coordinator

  • Door Volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator
New Member Orientation Coordinator: Amy

  • New Member Orientation Team


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Concierge

Community Relations Committee

Reports to the Executive Committee
Community Relations Chair
Special Events

  • Special Events Team

Brand Marketing
Off Site Event Coordinator
Community Event Coordinator

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