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Monday, October 23, 2023, 07:15pm - 09:30pm
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Class Description: 

Makeup is a fun form of expression but man is it hard! With Halloween the week after the scheduled class, this is a great time to learn how to express yourself with makeup! If you never had a sibling, parent, or friend to teach you, please let me be the random person who pops out to teach you what she knows. This class will be mainly makeup 101 and basics which includes but not limited to:

Foundation/contour/concealer/color corrector/skin prep 
Long-term or during scene wear/play proof makeup
Some eyeliner/eyeshadow looks and styles
Tips and tricks
Some simple braids (if time allows)

I encourage you to bring any and all makeup you want to learn how to use! Got a makeup christmas present that you still have no use for? Bring it! Have an eyeliner you're ready to go into fisty cuffs with? Bring it! Found something cute on Pintrest you wanna try? Show me! Dont have any fancy tools? Who cares. Bring yourself! I cant guarantee this class will bring forth your miricale makeup goal but with enough peeps we can aim for a makeup 101.5 ? Learning a new skill can be daunting but in an open and learning environment we can all unite and put some makeup on! At the end of the day, makeup is there to make us happy, not upset 

Presenter Bio:

My name is Olive and I have been coming to APEX for about 6 years now! I have been dabbling in makeup for a long while and have had my trials, tribulations, and frankly mental breakdowns over the difficulty. I enjoy everything from egirl/goth/punk looks to cute girly pop looks. A firm belief of mine is, makeup is supposed to be fun, whimsical, neutral, and a great time waster but makes us feel more beautiful ? After years of practice, I have gotten many people asking for a class and here it is! 

Location 4006 South 23rd Street #10 Phoenix, Arizona