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Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 07:00pm - 09:30pm

Consent is everything these days. Consent can be sexy and fun. Consent can also be ugly and regrettable. Consent has also been over discussed to the point no one seems to be listening. The idea behind consent is a positive outcome and an enjoyable experience for all parties involved so why not say that and let’s get down to business. Having negotiations regarding your wants, desires, and your boundaries are the path to a positive outcome and a memorable experience, relationship, or scene. We will discuss negotiating from a point of partnership rather than adversarial, talk about some non-verbal clues, how to be confident and assertive in asking for what you really want, and why that is sexy rather than creepy. We believe that by teaching how to establish good boundaries and to negotiate from that point of declarative strength and confidence we can put people in a better position to prevent and subjugate consent violations before they occur. 



Chris and elisha have celebrated more than a decade together as a polyamorous couple in a power exchange dynamic. They live in a 24/7, negotiated, authority transfer dynamic and are honored to have represented the larger leather community as the Arizona Master/slave titleholders since 2018. They believe that continued growth is important to a successful long-term relationship and to that end are continually pushing their own, and each other’s, boundaries. They both hold multiple graduate degrees and continue their research looking at various sex positive topics. 





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