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Anatomy of a Rope Scene
Monday, November 27, 2023, 07:15pm - 09:30pm
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Class description

Rope play doesn't seem that hard. 
I mean, I always see pictures of people in rope online with their bodies twisted and bound into 
eye-catching shapes or painful poses. 
I know enough geometry to make a paper airplane fly, can recall half of a high school physics 
class I took eight plus years ago, and my overhand knot game is *so* strong from all the fishing 
I didn't do with my dad. 
My knowledge of anatomy and physiology is like zero, but, hey, everyone knows their own 
bodies, so nothing can go too wrong, right? 
*raises hand* "Excuse me." 
Now I just need some rope and some bodies to tie. 
*fails arm* "EXCUSE ME!" 
Sigh. What? 
"That...That's not how any of this works." 
Rope. Bodies. Gravity. I've got it all covered. What else can I possibly need to know? 
"So much." 
And who are you to tell me? 
"I have a few names... The Voice of Reason. An Experienced Bunny and Negotiator. But my 
favorite is: Someone Who is Very into Safety and Consent." 
"Don't just listen to me. Come watch OneSickRomeo and Pain_Pixie fumble their way through a 
rope scene as if they’re two newbie rope players. They'll make ALL. OF. THE. MISTAKES a 
newbie is bound to make, and mistakes that even seasoned rope players make ALL. THE. 
But don't worry, 'll be there to catch them, to redirect them, and to teach them the better, safer, 
way to play. 
You should come. You'll learn a lot about how to build a rope scene, I promise," 


Your Presenters and Role Players for this fun, shenanigan-filled educational are: 
Lex2C is an experienced rope bottom and self-suspender. She is a purveyor of butt stuff, a 
consent and safety aficionado, and a one-stop-shop for knowledge about Top and sub drop. You can find her on IG as @subspacen3rd where she created the ButtSlut Bestie hashtag #BSL 
OneSickRomeo is a rigger and rope Top who has been throwing rope on bodies and snapping 
pics all over Phoenix for two years. He's an active member of APEX and one of the leaders of Phoenix Rope Crew. 

You can find him doing performances at: Foreplay presented by 
TechnoSnobs and KandiKink, First Friday on Roosevelt Row, and Alwun House with Kink. To 
see more of his rope work visit his IG at @onesickromeo. 
Pain_Pixie is pixie. You either love her or hate her. Find her more tame rope antics on IG at 

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