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Intro to Technology in Kink
Monday, November 13, 2023, 07:15pm - 09:30pm
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Come learn about technology as it comes into play - starting with the kind most people know: vibrators, then lead into some of their advances and remote play involved. Get into more remote elements, discussing the terms, concepts, and risks involved. Will touch on the "internet of things" and how things could be modified to meet their kinky desires. Address the simple, basic, and more pronounced technology we all pretty much know. Then move to more obscure ideas along with lesser used technologies. This should get us into more questions and discussion to have the class evolve and adapt to what the audience is looking for while allowing the opening to be consistent and address the base to start from.

The second half of the class would get into discussion and a bit of a Q&A to encourage other's to have ideas they can apply for their needs. Class will guide through each one of the base technologies people would use (mobile devices, remote toys, computers, cameras, smart home devices, etc) and things to consider regarding risk, additional uses, and ways to work with them in the ""vanilla"" world without being suspicious or exposing others to our kinks without consent. A middle piece, prior to open Q&A discussion, would address broader risks, concerns, red flags, and really focus in how we can help keep ourselves safe while participating in such an edge play. I am not sure what I will be able to have for the class; I am going to be asking for and collecting specific items (like possibly a lush device, cameras, other IoT items) to show and inspire discussion. I am also working out the details of having the group (optionally) take out their phones and explore some of the basics we had already discussed.

The goal will very much be focused on how to keep ourselves safe, use the technology responsibly, and get the most from what is available. I am not looking to bore them with System Security jargon, so the safety topics will be heavily integrated into the ""fun"" topics."

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